Do reach out to us by sharing your details.

How can I make a difference?

  1. Join as a volunteer and contribute few hours of your time
  2. Contribute towards any building construction material
  3. Contribute money for the trust which will be used for the construction
  4. Join to service the under privileged (Medical camp, AOB)

Make yourself feel great!

You could take some time out as your presence will make a huge difference to these people. A couple of hours of volunteering and lending practical help will surely make you feel great.

Be inspired and be inspiring

The older people in your community have a unique perspective on life and could be constant source of inspiration. Your experiences, survival through good and bad instants, activeness could inspire them too.

Make a difference to the lives of people in need

Sharing time changes lives: that’s the one strongest and simplest reason to volunteer with Dilse Service Trust.

It’s flexible

Volunteering can fit around your busy life as it can be just a couple of hours once a week or a few minutes in a week. Just let us know your time and we’ll work out the rest.

Be a part of an important and growing movement

By volunteering now you can help today’s generation of needy people live and enjoy the kind of life they deserve. And if we all take care of each other today, we build a good example for tomorrow’s generations.